Zero and First Conditionals Exercises

Exercise 1: Zero and First Conditionals Gap-fill

(heat) water to 100 degrees Celsius, it (boil).
(come) over tonight, we (watch) a movie.
Unless you (study) hard, you (not pass) the exam.
1. heat, boils
2. come, will watch
3. study, will not pass

Exercise 2: Short Story with Zero and First Conditionals

One day, John decided to bake a cake for his friend’s birthday. He thought, “If I 1 the recipe carefully, the cake 2 delicious.” So, he gathered all the ingredients and began to mix them. He knew that if he 3 the oven, the cake 4 properly.

While the cake was in the oven, John’s phone rang. It was his friend inviting him to a movie. John replied, “If the cake 5 ready by 6 PM, I 6 to the movie.” He checked the time and realized that he had enough time to do both. “If I 7 the timer, I 8 to take the cake out,” he thought.

The timer went off and the cake was perfect. John was thrilled. “If my friend 9 this cake, he 10 it,” John said to himself. He packed the cake and headed to the movie, happy that everything went according to plan.

1. follow, will turn out
2. do not preheat, will not bake
3. is, will come
4. set, will not forget
5. tastes, will love

Exercise 3: Matching Zero and First Conditionals

Match the sentences from the left column with the correct endings in the right column.

1. If you heat water to 100 degrees Celsius,
2. If it rains tomorrow,
3. If I study hard,
A. it will boil.
B. I will pass the exam.
C. I will carry an umbrella.
1. A
2. C
3. B